Now dip that brush!

It’s like the New Kids on the Block said. Step by step (ooh baby).
Get ready…


  • There is no such thing as paint without a drip. So make sure you can work care-free and cover the floor and furniture. Newspaper, cardboard, old sheets: anything goes.

  • For doors, lamps and windows, use the CoverQuick. Then the light still gets through.

  • Give your walls a quick wash. Not with detergents and not too wet. A moist cloth will do.
  • box of supplies
    essential toolkit


  • Open up by using our opener!

  • Use the stick to stir the paint until it’s nicely blended. No need to add water.

  • Put the plastic liner in the paint tray. You’ll thank us in the end: no cleaning!

  • Pour paint into the tray
  • Go!

  • Dip the paint roller and roll back and forth on the tray so it’s not too full.

  • Attack the wall—finally! Try to work more or less per square metre and mix your strokes: two times horizontal, two times vertical.

  • Don’t exaggerate with the amount of paint. Two normal layers will cover better than one thick smudge.
  • image


    Enjoy the bliss, sit back and share your new beginning with the world. We’ll love you back if you tag @Blisspaint in your stained-shirt selfie! Finally use our opener to enjoy a well deserved drink!